Plastering Melbourne

Plastering Melbourne

Plaster is a building material not only used for the protective or decorative coating of walls and ceilings. They are also used in moulding and casting decorative elements.
Many local clients come to us because of their typical sand and cement made plaster is unable to maintain longevity as it supposed to. It begins to worn out and shown mainly in the form of cracks. During rainy seasons, rainwater suitably passes through those cracks thereby incorporating a leakage or bubbles on the wall.

That’s why our expert plastering Melbourne always use gypsum for structuring the walls of the buildings. Since gypsum is composed of hydrated calcium sulphate; it is also a perfect material for lightweight constructions.

Apart from normal plastering, our team are excellence in plaster repair if you decide only to fix the hole or crack on your plaster to prevent the it get worsen. But in case you want to get rid of the whole set up, we do offer professional plaster demolish and removal service at a very low price.

We own a team of expert plasterer and painters in Eastern suburbs Melbourne who are experienced in offering outstanding gypsum plastering services for more than 20 years.

plastering Melbourne
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We service most Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.