Painting Service Melbourne

Painters Melbourne

Luckeys painting service Melbourne is a group of professional painters and plasterers aim to provide excellent service. Be it regular house painting, interior exterior painting , paint repair or daub fixing , our painters Melbourne always finish the job with perfection. Our high satisfaction painting service Melbourne sets us completely apart from the rest. Not restraining ourselves only to coating, we assure classy solutions associated with plastering, daub repair and demolition of old plaster. Call (03) 8592 4757 now.

Our certified professionals offer service on:

Painters Melbourne

Our professionalism lies in thinking ‘out of the box’ whenever we are chosen to perform the services. We offer tailored packages for commercial and residential premises. Our exceptional customer service and dispute-free and the finishing are always delivered within a specific timeline. Unlike other painters, Keysborough painter takes the required time in accomplishing the project by considering surrounding factors such as location. They also spend time to analyze the environment before beginning the work and follow the plan towards the final execution.  

If you are not good at colour matching, we will even provide you with an idea of colour combinations that you can easily pick from. We have the best Australian Work Safety Certified professional painter plasterer team who has the right expertise to solve your problem. Call (03) 8592 4757 now.

Painters Melbourne

Interior and Exterior

Our professional decorators offer extensive colour schemes for all projects which include

  •      House painting indoor/outdoor
  •      Fence spray paint
  •      Driveway
  •      Minor touch up or paint repair
  •      Miscellaneous varnish

We always select an outstanding colour combination when you hire our house painting services or just for certain area touch up. Our detailing in a project has been always pointed out flawless by many clients.   

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Commercial and Industrial

We are one of the premier commercial decorators in Melbourne.Our corporate projects include:

  •      Schools 
  •      Hospitals
  •      Motels 
  •      Shopping Centres
  •      Retirement villages 
  •      Offices 
  •      Industrial builders, etc. 

With many years of experience, we turned every paint job to a definition of classy appeal. That’s the reason why we’re the master painters Melbourne.

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Call and tell us your problem

After making an appointment, our painters Melbourne will arrange a site inspection to understand your requirements. As well as share their expert advice for both time and financial efficiency.

We analysis your preferences

Once we are done with the inspection and take note of your preferences. Then we build out a work plan and start working on the project after your approval. 

Together we discuss a work schedule

We discuss an executing schedule will work for you. If it’s a commercial property, we take adequate care to carry out the job without disturbing your business activities. Once the schedule is planned, we will immediately start the project.

Painting Service Melbourne

Lead Paint Removal

Lead painted walls are harmful structure as they release toxic substance. In recent years, we’ve been hired for removal of lead paint and replace with environment-friendly paint. If you still living in a lead-painted house, call us now because our painting service Melbourne always come up with an extraordinary lead paint stripping work plan. We responsible for your a new wall with environmental friendly paint.

Driveway and Sidewalks painting

There’s a misconception amongst customers that concrete painting is a costly deal. But, do you know how much does it cost to paint a concrete driveway or sidewalks?

Frankly, If you’re looking to hire concrete painters for sidewalks or driveway, you will be amazed by our cheap quote.

Our driveway painting  service must be your first choice. We can also match your sidewalks colour too. Click HERE to learn more.

Fence painting

Fence coating is one of the simplest ways to resist corrosion in steel fences. Wood fences do equally need colour assistance to keep it safe from termites. On the other hand, fire-resistant paint prevents the surface from catching on fire easily. 

As one of the most reliable and professional fence painter in Keysborough, we service all kind of fence,

  •      wooden fence  (interior & exterior)
  •      Steel fence 
  •      Pool fence
  •      Fence spraying 

We provide VOC toxic free colour which are the best paint for fence available in the market. Our professional fence paint sprayers always assess the paint quality before final spraying. During execution, we cover the sharp edges and corners to avoid unnecessary paint spits. Click HERE to learn more.

Luckeys plasterers and painters Melbourne takes pride to accomplish more than hundreds of house painting and plastering projects all over Eastern suburbs with high satisfactions. Our commercial and residential painting service Melbourne fetched us awards from our renowned Australian clients. We also understand  the budget is an important factor. Therefore, we always keep a reasonable quote for each of our service packages, so that our clients can have a professional house painting without breaking their bank.

Plastering service

As this is one of the key aspects of our service, that’s why we barely start one such job without carefully examine the surfaces of the property. Our  job is unique because,

  •  We generally use gypsum plaster.
  •      Our quality is durable. 
  •      We offer affordable quotes.

With many years of experience in offering dispute free plaster fixing job and paint repair assistance, we are the ultimate destination for your endless search. Call (03) 8592 4757 now.

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Drywall Plaster and Repairing

Repairing the cracked plasters on the old wall is

quite of a challenge. It is better to hire a professional drywall plaster
repairing expert like us.

·       Assure minute detailing in work

·       Seek excellence blended with perfection 

·       Guarantee quality finish by using standard gypsum for preparing the base

·       Seal and fix the crack marks on the wall

·       Remove water stains and moulds with outstanding plaster repairing work.

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Demolishing old plaster

We use safe and modern technique in plaster demolishing. We take down unwanted or unrepairable plasters without damaging you place.  Our budget friendly quotes will cover the entire plaster demolishing work right from beginning.

We will also remove old unwanted plasters from your site.