Driveway Sidewalks Painting

Driveway Sidewalks Painting Keysbrough

Driveways and sidewalks painting are the most crucial tasks as they represent your premise outlook therefore it requires expert concrete painter. Keysborough Painting Plastering is your best bet who offer flawless concrete varnishing in Eastern suburbs Melbourne. Our professional painters will conduct a detail inspection on your driveway and sidewalk before commencing any paint job.

The reason we can stand out from the crowd in providing driveway and sidewalk colour coating service is that we always take an extra step for all clients. Very often, many concrete painters will apply paint on the surface without cleaning it first. 

Based on our experience, there’s a high risk of mould to grow as concrete is a suitable medium for moisture and dirt. To avoid such threats, treatment is sometimes needed for preparing the surface before coating(not all). During the inspection, some concrete surface may also need sealing to seal off any holes or cracks that will affect the painted outlook too.

The next thing your worry must be our service comes with an expensive price tag. But surprisingly, we offer the cheapest service in town too.


We service most Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.