Demolish & Removal Plaster

Plaster Demolish and Removal

Old and worn plasters are always a hazard in a property. Picking up a sledgehammer to demolish an old plaster with Do It Yourself work plan might be a bit difficult and end up cost you more money. Also, many of the plaster will not fit into your residential bin when most of the skip hire company refuse to take them too. Keysborough plasterer uses their years of experiences in plaster demolishing service to take down old plasters without affecting other set up in your place. And we will remove the old plaster for you without damaging the surrounding environment. 

Our budget-friendly quotes will cover the entire plaster demolishing work right from the beginning.

  • Inspecting the project in detail
  • Building a blueprint of demolition work.
  • Restraint other portions of a building from the work that’s in progress 
  • Examine health and safety when work is carrying out.
  • Removal of plasters carefully without letting the VOC toxic threats bothering other residents.
  • We will also remove old unwanted plasters from your site.

Keysborough painting plastering provides professional plaster demolition and removal to all Melbourne suburbs. If your are worried about the costly project, call us and you will be amaze by our quote.

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We service most Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.